About Zolid Sky


The high performance web servers are located in Germany. All servers are powered by redundant UPS facilities, which get their power from 100 percent carbon dioxide-free and environmentally-friendly hydro power. At the unlikely event of a power failure, all servers are also connected to Diesel powered generators


All servers used in our shared hosting environment connect to the world wide web generally via 1 Gbit OnBoard NIC, connected at 200 Mbit/s. All servers are monitored by 24/7 server room and entrance CCTV cameras and are located in server rooms with modern early warning fire systems with direct connection to the local fire department.


We only run CloudLinux OS, with cPanel and several types of monitoring and security software for optimal security and reliability. CloudLinux prevents abusing users from taking up all the servers resources which in return gives a much for reliable online presence. With all of this, combined with daily off-site backups, we strive to provide the most easy and comfortable web hosting experience possible.

Zolid Sky

Zolid Solutions, founded in early 2013, was originally launched as a service for private clients, friends and family to have an easy, secure and reliable way of getting "online" and launch their own websites. In the same year, due to high demand, Zolid Sky was born and opened up to the public. The mission is to provide reliable, secure and easy-to-use web hosting.


Zolid Sky is part of Zolid Solutions, headquartered in Leicester UK.

Zolid Solutions
3 North Street,
LE2 5AH Oadby, Leicester
United Kingdom

Company No: 09971835
VAT ID: 235771006